Western Medicine

Before choosing your health professionals, find out their views about vegetarianism. You will want a health professional who is up to date and positive about your lifestyle, and who is able to give you correct information and support should difficulties arise. A negative response to your vegetarianism or veganism from your health professional is likely to affect the quality of information and support you receive, and how you feel about your care. The following list of health professionals have been recommended to this list by members of the Christchurch vegetarian and vegan community. An asterisk * signifies a vegetarian or vegan health professional. All others are considered vegetarian-friendly. Please contact us if you are vegetarian or vegan and would like to recommend your health professional or if you are a vegetarian or vegan health professional and would like to be included on this list.



*Cath King: Seeking Health –  Cath specialises in optimal health on plant-based diets; she uses vegetarian/vegan and raw diets to help people prevent and heal from a multitude of diseases.  www.ckinghealth.co.nz. Phone  03 357 4335 or 021 0232 6142. Email cath@ckinghealth.co.nz.

Emma  Clarkson is a degree-qualified plant-based nutritionist, so if you would like ideas on recipes, meal prep or advice on food health and well-being, like her Facebook page  or follow her on Instagram.

Sam McSorley –  Sam McSorley offers a range of integrative services including nutritional and herbal therapeutics and seminar presentations, diagnostic tests and health programmes.  66 Innes Road, Merivale.   356 2266, info@sammcsorley.co.nz,  www.sammcsorley.co.nz

Increasing Iron Absorption: The Definitive Guide. A complete vegetarian guide for increasing the bioavailability of iron http://fromloverswithlove.com/increasing-iron-absorption/

Doctor (General Practitioner) – Takuta

*Dr Mathew Hobbs, GP Registrar – Rolleston Medical Centre. 29 Brookside Road, Rolleston. Ph: 347 8848. Please note this is a zoned practice.

*Dr Simon Wynn-Thomas – Mt Pleasant Medical Centre, 2 Soleares Avenue, Mt Pleasant.  Ph: 373 6077.  Please note this is a zoned practice

Dr Donald Palmer – Helios Integrative Medical Centre, 275 Fifield Tce, Opawa.  Ph 3325702.  www.helios.co.nz

Dr. Lada Kenton-Dau – Helios Integrative Medical Centre, 275 Fifield Tce, Opawa.  Ph 3325702.  www.helios.co.nz

A recent shout out to our Facebook community brought in the below list of vegan/veggie or vegan/veggie-friendly GPs.  (listed alphabetically by christian name when available)

Helios Medical Centre –nearly all the GPs there, but please check before making an appointment.

Jackie Blunt in Lincoln

Dr Lee at UC Health (Uni)

Lynette Murdoch at Ferry Rd Medical.

Dr Marie Burke, Eastcare Health, Breezes Rd, Aranui.

Dr Phillippa Ryan of QEII Medical Centre

Rebecca from Greers Road Medical Centre

Dr Richard Griffiths. Rangiora Corner Medical Centre.

Dr Robert Seddon Smith, Sumner-Ferrymead

Suzie Tarney, St Martin’s Medical

Vanessa at Papanui Medical Centre

Midwifery – Kaiwhakawhanau pepi

*Joanne Gordon – Ph: 942 6625; Mob: 027 507 6000. Email: midwife.joanne@gmail.com (raw vegan)

*Abby Harding –Rata Midwives, 275 Fifield Terrace, Opawa, Christchurch  8023.  Ph: 03 332 5702.  Ph: 027 229 3887. Email: midwifeabby@gmail.com

Lynda Robertson – Danu Midwives. Ph: 08689 7259; Mob: 021 140 1587. Email: lynjrob@gmail.com; Website: www.danumidwives.co.nz

*Jessica Skinner (Banks Peninsula based). Halswell Village Midwives.  027 292 0148,  jessicaskinner@xtra.co.nz