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Check out the youth group page on Facebook at by clicking here

Active for Animals

Active for Animals is an Auckland group aimed at youth who want to make a difference for animals. Their web presence is worth looking at:


NZVegan is an email chat list for keeping vegans and aspiring vegans updated about what’s going on in NZ such as new vegan places to eat, new vegan food, events, health and anything else related to veganism! This list is for long-time vegans as well as new ones. If you would like to join, email Debbie

Here are some other chat groups online:


Veggie IQ Test!

Vegan Passport!

Downloadable Youth Resources

New Zealand Vegan/Vegetarian Websites/Ipurangi New Zealand Vegetarian Society New Zealand Vegan Society Wellington Branch of the Vegetarian Society Info, recipes, shops, dating, restaurants and more

Websites of interest for Vegetarians and Vegans Vegan Voice Magazine: Promoting Compassion for All Beings

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