Special Interest Groups

Chch gay veggie group

Veggie Puffs (GLBTI)

Established in 2002, we are one of Christchurch’s longest running GLBTI groups. The Veggie Puffs Dining Group is open to all members of the gay/lesbian/bisexual/trans/intersex community who enjoy vegetarian and vegan food, with the proviso that only vegan/vegetarian food is ordered when dining out with the group.  Most of our members are vegetarians/vegans or have a veggie partner or just really like veggie food! We meet every 6-8 weeks. We meet for meals in Chch restaurants, both veggie and non veggie. Meals are usually at a cheapish restaurant Please email info@vegetarianchristchurch.org.nz to be added to the Veggie Puffs email list.

Team Vegan

Team Vegan is a sports group made up of vegans from around New Zealand. Team Vegan is open to all vegans, you don’t have to be super fit, just keen to get out there and active with us! You might be into jogging, swimming, cycling, netball… all you need to do to join Team Vegan is to purchase one of our official Team Vegan sports tops and get out there being sporty in it. We aim to increase the visibility of the vegan community and dispel myths that all vegans are anaemic with no energy!  Our members participate in a number of events around the year, check out the events section of our Facebook page for upcoming runs and events. Please email vegan1@vegetarianchristchurch.org.nz  or check out Meet Up for more information.

Vegetarian Kirtan Group

The Kirtan group meet to enjoy Kirtan (call & response awesome devotional music= food for the soul) and then feast on amazing vegan food. You don’t have to believe in any particular religion, dogma ritual, don’t have to believe in atheism, you don’t have to follow a vegan lifestyle. Just come along to experience the music and yum food. Please email info@vegetarianchristchurch.org.nz for more information.

Raw Vegan Group/Ropu Kaimanga Tarauka

Our informal Christchurch Raw Vegan Group meets every two weeks for a good healthy informal raw potluck meal, and for other events (eg, weed/herb workshops, seaweed workshops, lectures & workshops lead by visiting international raw food speakers). We welcome anyone who is thinking about trying a raw lifestyle, is currently eating a high raw food diet, or anywhere in between. For more information about the group and our meetings and/or to be added to our mailing list, please email raw@vegetarianchristchurch.org.nz. Also! There are many good online resources that you can tap into for many delicious free recipes and www.therawfoodcoach.com for a comprehensive run down on being raw and handling the transition by Karen Knowler a UK based raw food writer and speaker. Please email info@vegetarianchristchurch.org.nz for more information.

Vegan Single Minglers

A no pressure group to meet new people. We might meet for drinks or a meal or go bowling. Come along and make new friends and have fun and vegan food. Vegetarians welcome. Please email info@vegetarianchristchurch.org.nz for more information.

Vegetarian Strollers Group – dogs welcome! 

This is a relaxed group of people who like to have a stroll around McCormacks Bay. Meet in Redcliffs at 1:30pm and walk for around an hour. Cuppa and chat after the walk.  We meet on the first Sunday of the month.  Free. Please email info@vegetarianchristchurch.org.nz for more information.

University Group

Join our email list to be notified about events for veggies on campus. Please email  vegclubofuc@gmail.com  for more information.