Vegetarian Nutrition


You are welcome to download leaflets and flyers from this website’s Resources page under the Wellbeing menu tab. If you would like to be sent a copy of any of these resources. email the Christchurch Vegetarian Centre at,nz  (or contact the the New Zealand Vegetarian Society on 09-523 4686 or at if you are outside Canterbury).  Just tell us the amount you require if you would like extra copies to pass on to your midwife/GP/Plunket nurse or other carer, or to put up on community or clinic noticeboards. Leaflets include: Vegetarian Families, Vegetarian Pregnancy, Vegetarian Baby, Vegetarian Children, Vegetarian Teens, Overview of Vegetarian Nutrition, Iron & the Vitamin C Connection, Protein, Vitamin B12, Calcium and Vitamin D.

Useful Publications

Healthy Eating for Life for Children, Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine
Your Vegetarian pregnancy- A month-by-month guide to health and nutrition, Dr Holly Roberts

The New Zealand Vegetarian Society

The New Zealand Vegetarian Society provides a range of resources to support vegetarian families. These include a postal lending library, leaflets, phone support, vegetarian families’ social groups, a national email support chat group, a list of vegetarian-friendly health professionals, a panel of nutrition advisors (including GPs, dieticians, nutritionists, midwives, scientists, etc)  and a national co-ordinator of vegetarian families.

Vegan Websites

For more information on veganism, check out: The New Zealand Vegan Society’s site. Nutritional information and help with transitioning to a vegan diet A website with a blog about many facets of life as a vegan, as well as a nutrition guide and advice. Information about all aspects of veganism, including nutrition. Free downloads of nutrition information sheets This organisation is for healthcare professionals, but the website includes lots of interesting info regarding veganism and health A huge site with lots of resources, including health sections written by Michael Klaper and other doctors, plus discussion boards

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