Veggie Families Groups

sm vege fam_©A NicholsonChristchurch Vegetarian Families Group

The Christchurch Vegetarian families group meets during the weekend once a term, at a suitable child/group friendly location. Come along to meet other vegetarian parents and for the opportunity for your children to make vegetarian friends. Phone us on 03 940 9483 or contact us to be included in our Vegetarian Families email list for meeting dates. Times: varying. Bring: a plate of vegan finger food to share for morning tea. Cost: free (pay for your own entry charges if we are meeting at a facility with charges). The Veggie Families organiser is Sara Bailey. Contact her via
The highlight of the year is our annual Christmas party at Wyenova Organic Farm where all the groups run by the Christchurch Vegetarian Centre meet together with the wider vegetarian community for a vegan feast and celebration. Vegetarian Santa visits with presents and the children enjoy tractor rides, explore the farm and visit the sheep and hens and know these animals will never be killed and eaten.

At a vegetarian family group, children have the opportunity to meet and play with other kids who are vegetarian just like them. Your child can join in the party teas knowing that they can eat anything on offer without having to ask, “Is that vegetarian?” and they can make friends with other children who see animals as friends, not food. Meeting other veggie kids will help them feel part of a wider community. The group is also social for the parents, who can meet others raising children ‘outside the square’. While the kids play, parents can chat and laugh about the joys of raising our vibrant and energetic veggie children.

Click the link for our downloadable My Vegan Plate colouring in picture for your children.

Elsewhere in New Zealand

There are Vegetarian Family Groups in Auckland and Wellington. To find out more about the Auckland and Wellington ones contact: The New Zealand Vegetarian Society, Ph: (09) 523 4686. Email: Website:

Useful Publications

We have information leaflets on various aspects of vegetarianism. Click here to go to our resources page.

RaisingVegan Children in a Non Vegan World, Erin Pavlina, Vegfamily
Compassionate Souls, Jo Ann Farb, Lantern Books
Living a Good Life, To Be a Vegetarian in New Zealand, Pam Bidwell (ed), New Zealand Vegetarian Society

Events Calendar

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