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CVC logoNau mai, haere mai. Welcome to the website of the Christchurch Vegetarian Centre. The Centre is run by the New Zealand Vegetarian Society to provide information, activities and community development for vegetarians and vegans living in or visiting Christchurch. We are the Christchurch branch of the New Zealand Vegetarian Society and the Christchurch representative of the Vegan Society of Aotearoa/New Zealand. Lots is happening. Get involved and enjoy the city which still has one of the most active vegetarian and vegan communities in New Zealand despite the earthquakes. There is always something happening for vegetarians and vegans in Christchurch with many groups and events plus our annual  Vegan Expo– an all-vegan event which follows on from the ten Vegetarian Expos held since 2007, and is New Zealand’s longest running vegetarian or vegan festival.

The Christchurch vegetarian and vegan community is rapidly expanding. Check out our notices to look for a flat or to find out about this week’s events, volunteer requests, special offers and other veggie happenings of interest to Christchurch vegetarians and vegans. The Christchurch Vegetarian Centre sells veggie cookbooks, colourful nutrition charts, pens with veggie slogans, reusable shopping bag with an eco veggie message and posters. Shop here online for them. Online we have  a ‘Vegetarian Christchurch’ Facebook page which is very active giving all sorts of information and lifestyle tips as well as notices about events, and also have a vegetarian youth group Facebook page.

Find out about the range of businesses run by vegetarians and vegans in Christchurch. Support these businesses or add your business to our list if you are vegetarian and/or operate on vegetarian principles by emailing us at info@vegetarianchristchurch.org.nz. Health professionals who have been recommended as vegetarian friendly by members are listed here. These include GPs, midwives, naturapaths and more. Check out the shopping directory in the business section to find out where to get your tofu, soya milk and vegan chocolate, etc.

Vegetarian families organise events for children and offer a range of downloadable information leaflets on issues ranging from pregnancy to teens. The Christchurch Vegetarian Youth Group meets regularly to support young teens choosing to go vegetarian. Check out our page to see what we’ve been cooking or talking about recently. And for your interest and information, check out our page of favourite recipes submitted by Christchurch vegetarians and vegans.

We hope you find our website useful. Please contact us with feedback or if you have any suggestions or notices to share. Go to our services page to find out what we offer. If you are after general information and enquiries about vegetarianism or want to join the New Zealand Vegetarian Society, go to www.vegetarian.org.nz. If you want to know why a vegetarian/vegan lifestyle is better for you, animals, the planet and the world’s hungry, check out our Reasons to be Veggie page. You’ll see why a vegetarian/vegan diet is the only choice for a sustainable and compassionate world.

Thank you to our sponsors.

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